April 13-18: Alice Walker

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April 13-18: Alice Walker

Postby Chelle » April 16th, 2017, 1:33 am

April 13-18: Alice Walker


Born February 9, 1944

Alice Walker was born in Eatonton, GA. She was the youngest of eight children. Her father was a farmer and her mother worked as a maid. Thanks to her mother, she was able to attend college. Minnie Lou Walker was very adamant that her children would learn to read and write despite the segregation laws alive and well in the South. Alice is the famous writer of The Color Purple and was also a civil rights activist.

She began writing poetry and stories at a young age. She published her first book of poetry while still in college. She now owns her own publishing company. She married a Jewish lawyer, then moved to Mississippi. They were harassed by the Ku Klux Klan for being interracial. They had one daughter.

Many of Walker's poems point to the theme of African American struggle, triumph, and oppression. She is also known for her feminism. Her poetry doesn't usually rhyme and it's usually simplistic-giving it a rhythmic quality. Walker doesn't write in form very often, preferring free verse. Her poetry is most often ripe with descriptive imagery and metaphors to paint a vivid picture.

To write like her, you need to stay within the theme. And then make your poem simple but full of great idioms and word choice. The lines need to have a rhythmic quality by picking words that are low in syllables and choosing idioms that are not wordy. Finally, include very descriptive lines describing the scene so it's easy to picture in the reader's mind.

An example of one of her poems:

Don't Be Like Those Who Ask For Everything by Alice Walker

Don’t be like those who ask for everything:
praise, a blurb, a free ride in my rented
limousine. They ask for everything but never offer
anything in return.
Be like those who can see that my feet ache
from across a crowded room
that a foot rub
if I’m agreeable
never mind the staring
is the best way to smile
& say hello
to me.

Have fun, be creative, and thanks for participating in the In The Style Of board for National Poetry Month!!


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Re: April 13-18: Alice Walker

Postby deadpoet » April 21st, 2017, 11:03 am

Meeting A Tough Challenge

Never thought of being a slave
Until I somehow knew I wasn't free;
I thought of a cage as having an outside,
Barred and unfriendly,
Not an inside, not inside of me;
I found I was wrong when I tried to fly,
Flapping fragile wings that shattered,
Shattered too obviously me;
From then on a happy sort of desperation,
A mind at my work, my heart holding blood
Like a hand;
Rhythm-keeping fingers
Let my blood flow through and away.

Now my heart is full again;
I have learned to close its fingers
And keep them tight
Around a pen,
Still throbbing, wasting nothing, still holding.

(Only knew of Alice Walker by repute before now. Read one of her poems in the online International Poetry Review a few
months ago. That's it; hence 'Meeting A Tough Challenge'.)

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Re: April 13-18: Alice Walker

Postby TripleP » April 21st, 2017, 5:15 pm

Kindergarten Futbol

A scrum
of tiny bodies
mass around
the ball,
kicking it and one another,
until the ball
squirts free.
As one,
the throng
after it,
the poor ball
is once again

A scrum
of many bodies
mass around
icons of our culture,
kicking one another to get closer,
until other icons
supplant them.
As one,
the throng
after them,
the new icons
are also

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Re: April 13-18: Alice Walker

Postby riversidepoet » April 22nd, 2017, 5:03 pm


I will bury
The beautiful things
Seems perhaps
The best thing to do.
Their memory
Would only haunt me
I could never
Hold them in my hand
Oh sometimes
I steal away
And dig them up
And then have
Upon doing so.
Still sometimes
When no one is
I sneak a peak
To see the beauty
Once more
But then quickly
Cover them up
Hid from my
Once more.
Not meant for me
Were beautiful things
Oh that my eyes
Had never seen
Perhaps some
Glad morn
Beauty will
Be mine.


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