Want To Be A Part Of The Staff? APPLY HERE!

A general help board for new and old TPS members to brush up on the TPS basics and to take part in making TPS a better community. Have a question or need help? Answers can be found in our F.A.Q. board. Check there first!Topics such as How To Post, Copyright Information, How to Check Your Private Messages (PMs) and Guidelines can be found in the F.A.Q. board.(**Guests may view this board.)
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Want To Be A Part Of The Staff? APPLY HERE!

Post by Chelle » April 13th, 2012, 10:26 pm

The Poet Sanctuary's Moderator Application
Become part of the team that's made TPS the best poetry forum on the web!


Become A TPS Board Moderator
What The Job Entitles and Requires

--- Moderators must be present on the forums at least 3 times a week to extensively review in the board(s) they've chosen to moderate.

--- Moderators are to ensure that no post leaves the first page without at least three reviews on a given piece.

--- New Moderators must be willing to go through our Moderator Education Program which helps gets you familiar with the job. A mentor will be assigned to you once your application has been reviewed and accepted.

--- Moderators MUST adhere to the 3:1 posting rule. If your post count does not reflect that, it WILL hurt your chances of acceptance. Moderators should be about upholding rules, not going against the grain.

--- Moderators have the ability to move a post on the forum to another board if they feel it suits better elsewhere, provided they send a private message notification to the author of the piece to inform them of the move and where they can now find their piece.

--- Moderators are asked to report threads which abuse the Terms Of Service. This information can be found in the stickied topic at the top of each board.

--- Moderators that fail to fulfill their duties will be stripped of their position without warning. Any moderator found abusing their power will also be removed.

If you are seriously considering applying for a Moderator position, please, only do so under the circumstances that you plan on being a part of TPS for an extensive period of time and you are sure that you can fulfill the requirements. If you do not plan on being an active participating member of the site you need not apply. Any accounts with violations/red warnings will not be considered!

F.A.Q. - How do I apply to become a Co-Administrator or Administrator? - We do not have an application to become a Co-admin or Admin. Co-admin's and Admin's are given their positions by the webmaster, Chelle. Generally, moderators who have been on-board the site for more than 7 months, have completed and passed the Moderator Education Program, have fulfilled their duties, and have proven to be trustworthy towards The Poet Sanctuary are given top priority over Co-admin and Admin positions.

F.A.Q. - How much do I get paid? Simple. You don't. TPS is a completely non-profit website, ALL staff members work on a volunteer basis. We do, however, reward each other with virtual cookies and cakes ;)


Boards Currently Needing Moderators
Do not request boards that are not on the list as they are full.

Sadness | Heart | Tragedy | Misc | Enlightened | Haiku & Senryu | Open Mic | Angst | Anger | Humor | Fantasy | Roots | Songwriters | Prose | Short Stories

If your desired board is full, please check back regularly.
We update this list often, according to needs on the boards.

Please Copy/Paste the following content in a reply and fill in your information.
Desired Board(s):
Additional Comments:

**If you apply and are not chosen, please do not take it personally. We have specific requirements that we look for when going over applicants. We especially look to see where you're posting and how often. If you do not seem like you're active enough on the boards, we won't take you now, but encourage you to step up a notch and try back again later.

A TIP TO THOSE WHO ARE REALLY INTERESTED: It's a good idea that, after applying to be a moderator, you continue to post! Applying to be a moderator and then not posting for a few days/week only shows us that you're not as interested as we need you to be!

There are many different things we look at when accepting new Moderators. It may take some time before you are invited to the team.

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Re: Want To Be A Part Of The Staff? APPLY HERE!

Post by Inconclusive » August 15th, 2017, 7:08 pm

Username: Inconclusive
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Desired Board(s): The Angst
Experience: Couple of gaming forums in my teen years. PhP and vBulletin.
Additional Comments: My activity fluctuates but I'd be interested in the role and more active if it requires me to do so. I'm in the U.K so could possibly add different time zone support.


"I'm unconventional, incomprehensible; it's intentional" - JMT

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