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Constructive Poetry Critique
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Prizes And Awards
The cash prize so far for June 1, 2017 is $0.00
Each entry that's sent in adds another dollar to the pot!
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Competition Rules and Requirements:

1. Your entry must be accompanied by an Entry Form (found at bottom of page) and the
required entry fee. If you are entering more than one poem, you may mail all entries in
the same envelope; however, each entry must be on its own page.

Accepted Poetry: All poetry regardless of form or context so long as it is in English. We
will also accept Prose Poetry, Lyrics, Haiku, and other short forms of poetry. Please do not
send us any Novels/Short Stories/Chapbooks!

2. Your entries must be original (your own) and written in English!  Do NOT send us any
plagiarized material, in part or in full.

3. Your entries may either be typed or hand written, so long as they are legible. Entries
may be folded and put into a regular letter envelope. We do not require them to be
mailed flat, as entries are not judged on presentation or quantity, but the quality of the
poem itself.

4. We do not require a cover letter or a brief biography, however, if you wish to send
these, you may.

5. You must be at least 13 years or older in order to enter this competition.

6. We accept previously published work so long as you yourself have maintained the
rights to it. We also accept simultaneous submissions. If the poetry you have submitted
has been published or has been submitted elsewhere, please state where and when on
the poem's page.
2007 Winners
* Helen McInerny
- In His Hands -
* Joanne Cucinello
- He's Gone -

2008 Winners
*Joseph Meckes
- Grandpa's Love -
*Peter Joseph Adams
- They Soon Forgot The
Cosmonaut -

2009 Winners
*Kilian McDonnell
- At Dusk -
* Joanne Cucinello
- Early Riser -

2010 Winners
* James Kenneth Waltzer
- To Escape -
* Charlene Rene Geist
- Avalanche -

2011 Winners
* Penny Carson
- Honky-Tonk-Bar-Fly -
* Amanda Diane Wilmong
- Farmers Daughter -

2012 Winners
* Richard Shultz
-Dancing Angel

2013 Winners
*Joanne Cucinello-Necessary
*Ingeborg von Finsterwalde-
Winter Splendor

2017 Winners
The Poet Sanctuary's Certificate Of Excellence Poetry Award Competition
Deadlines: Summer Competition - June 1, 2017    Winter Competition - December 1, 2017
Entry Fee
The more you send, the more you may win!
There is a small fee to enter this competition. The entry fee is $1.00 per poem. All fees
should be paid in the form of US funds. All entry fees will be put into a pot, so to speak,
and the winning poet for each half receives what was brought in. Under no circumstances
do these fees generate a profit on our behalf.
You may submit as many poems to this
competition as you like so long as the entry fee per poem is included
How To Enter
This competition can be entered via postal mail only!
We will not accept online payments to enter this competition!
Competion is open to both US Residents and Non-US Residents.

Required: < Please Click Here To Print Out The Mail-In Entry Form >
Accepted Payments: Money Order or Cash (Use an Opaque Envelope)
(We're no longer accepting personal checks due to too many being returned/bounced.)
These forms of payment MUST be in US Funds!

Poems will not be returned unless you have included a SASE!   (Self-addressed Stamped
CASH !$! (The competition, due to past years' entries, usually brings in $50.00 or more as
a cash prize! We update the pot every couple of weeks as entries start rolling in so the
pot amount may actually be HIGHER than shown!)  The winning poem will also be
published in our Poetize Magazine. (Poetize is published in August annually.)
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